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Best fall foods at the Farmer’s Market

It’s September, spring and summer produce is mostly a thing of the past. Fall is almost upon us and here is what’s in store for us at farmer’s markets this month.

Let’s start with blueberries in abundance! Check out this calendar by month and see that it’s still fruit season. Not only blueberries, but peaches and pears. Or if you just want berries, try raspberries and blackberries too. We suggest your check out Rittenhouse Farmer’s Market or Headhouse Farmer’s Market.

It’s still a great time to make salads or succotash. Make sure to load up on sweeeeeet corn. Yes, sweet corn is still in season! Try Jersey sweet corn, the best corn for New Jersey. And throw in snap peas instead of lima beans. Don’t forget to add peppers for color- green, yellow, red, and orange. Head to Fitler Square Farmer’s Market or Fairmount Farmer’s Market.

Another fall favorite is brussel sprouts. Lots of recipes here from roasted to raw! And of course shortly we will all be picking out pumpkins.

And of course don’t forget the Kennett Square Mushroom Festival. Join mushroom enthusiasts from all over. Private chefs, connoisseurs, and local growers for this fun event September 7th!

Enjoy Fall’s best at your local Farmer’s Markets!


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