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1732 MeatsĀ makes and sells hand cured Heritage breed charcuterie. Specializing in whole muscle meats.

1732 Meats was born out of Ari Miller's love for curing meats. He first learned to make bacon about a dozen years ago, curing the bellies in the family kitchen and aging them in a Ziploc bag sitting in a Pyrex lasagna pan. He quickly began to envision flavors he could experiment with, and soon friends and family were raving about the garlic and black peppercorn flavors.

An entrepreneur at heart, Ari decided to turn his tasty hobby into a business. After soliciting feedback on the recipes from his enthusiastic wife and daughters, who enjoyed conducting blind tastings, he finalized the bacon recipes and jumped in feet first. 1732 Meats was born! He named the business after the year the family home was built - it was the first test kitchen, and it reflects the wonderfully rich history of the Philadelphia area.

In 2013, 1732 Meats sold its first bacon at the Lansdowne Farmers Market. By the end of that year, Ari had built a relationship with DiBruno Brothers, a specialty grocery and one of Philadelphia's beloved food institutions. During 2014, he began to experiment with dry cured meats, such as lonza and guanciale. In the summer of 2015, the 1732 Meats dry curing facility opened for production and now produces pancetta, lonza, bresaola, guanciale, lamb prosciutto, to name a few.

Ari continues to challenge himself every day to find new ways to make meats even more delicious.

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