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Dip Daddy is a made from scratch take on craveable dips and dippable treats based in Philadelphia. After years of working in the Philly food scene, Chef Danny Giorgio had a life affirming epiphany: The time had come to bring bold flavors and new ideas in dip and dippables form for people to share and enjoy together.

Dip Daddy knows best when it comes to using the best ingredients to make the freshest, tastiest, dips and treats that put all other dips in the game to shame. After years exploring ideas in the kitchen, Dip Daddy is coming out of the gates with bold, exciting tastes that will restore your faith in dips and dippables.

Chef Danny first discovered his love of cooking while growing up in South Philly around his Italian family and neighbors. What started out as helping his mom, soon turned into a burning passion that couldn’t be dimmed. He followed his heart across the country to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, California. This was followed by stints at Amada (Garces Group), Son of a Gun (LA-based Joint Venture Restaurant Group) Barbuzzo, Little Nonna’s, and Bud & Marilyn’s (Safran-Turney Hospitality, Philadelphia, PA) as well as stints abroad in Italy. From server to Executive Chef, he’s done it and seen it all, and he’s ready to bring it to you - with his own creative spin and approach.

Be on the lookout for the surprises that Dip Daddy has in store for you. Right now Dip Daddy is available by pickup at select locations & delivery to your doorstep. Sign up for our D.I.P. List to get updates on new dips, dippables, and new ways to order and get our products in the future.

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