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What made you want to start pickling?
It's the question we hear all the time: What made you want to make pickles? The very short started with an article about a "pickle guy" and an artisan movement in food, and ends with a love for cooking and the joy of seeing people loving your wares.

Epic is built on the passion for fabulous food for individuals with a similar drive for great things. We aren't your grocery or deli dill. And we aren't the sad spear that's usually served with your burger. We're the gourmet you want, and the taste you can't live without.

Now where's that Epic bloody mary?


We're located in the small town of Dallastown in York County Pennsylvania. Some people may say we're in "Yoe" too...either town, same location. Here we manufacture all the Epic goods as featured on our products page. Although this is a manufacturing facility, we do welcome guests to visit or even purchase. Please note, all prices featured on the web site also reflect on-site purchases. Please call or email for visits as hours vary and are by appointment only. Thank you!!

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