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Macungie Mountain Herb Farm is both a bonafide five-acre farm on the top of a mountain in PA and a mobile beverage stand.

While the farm is not open to the public, our mobile lemonade/tea stand can bring all the gloriousness of the mountaintop farm gardens directly to you.

Our mission:  To connect people to the calming, refreshing and healing influence of the earth through the aromas and tastes of locally grown herbal teas, flowers and fruits, together with and fresh squeezed lemonade.

We provide dried and prepared home grown, artisan herbal teas  and fresh squeezed lemonade with herbal, floral and fruit infusions that will “quench your senses.”

Joyce explains what using herbs means to her, “To me herbs awaken the senses and make a person feel alive. I planted many of these herbs years ago because I am enchanted by the way they smell. Later, I learned about the healing properties of herbs and flower essences which I find quite amazing. If you research any given herb from fennel to mint, you will find that these plants not only smell and taste great, but that they can play an important role in maintaining your good health.”

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