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Oma Herbal Teas is a small farm business specializing in medicinal herbs. Our herbs are grown mindfully and sustainably with consideration for each plant's preference to bring you herbs of the highest quality.

Who We Are: Oma Herbal Teas is a small, family owned business that grows medicinal herbs, primarily for our unique tea blends. We grow, dry, and package all of the herbs on our family’s one acre homestead in Schwenksville, PA with the exception of Stinging Nettles and Red Raspberry leaf, which are ethically wildcrafted from Chester County.  Oma is run by Nicole Boice with the help of Doug Boice and, of course, little Mina. Our goal is to share the restorative power of herbs with the local community by providing those of the highest quality.

Our Practices: Our deep respect for the earth and big picture understanding of our p[ace in it is the driving force behind our holistic farming practices. Although we are not certified organic, we use organic methods, including no synthetic chemical sprays, crop rotation, planting to attract beneficials, and no till methods.

Our herbs: We grow, harvest, and dry our herbs on a small scale for maximum nutrient retention.  Many larger commercial tea producers dry their herbs at a high temperature for faster drying. At these temperatures many of the flavorful and medicinal essential oils are lost. On top of that, most commercial producers crush their herbs before packaging, prematurely releasing the aromatics and leaving the tea with a lackluster flavor. Our herbs are dried below 110 degrees in small batches and kept as whole as possible in order to preserve biochemical compounds.

We give back: We donate various resources to causes local and abroad. In 2017, we donated several pounds of lemongrass to the Cancer Support Community of Philadelphia. This year we donated herbs to the Common Grounds Cafe in Lansdale, which runs a food service training to employment program for the economically disadvantaged.

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