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Truth be told, Merzbacher’s of Germantown wasn’t always called “Merzbacher’s” and it wasn’t always in Germantown. Huh?

The company actually was started by Pete Merzbacher as “Philly Bread” in a neighborhood called Olney - about 1 mile east of the new home in Germantown. But after outgrowing the first bakery on 4905 N 5th St., Pete opened a bigger facility with upgraded equipment on Germantown Ave. In this historic neighborhood, Pete felt a true sense of community and decided it was time for a name change and a re-emphasis on his original mission - bringing people together by breaking bread with open minds and open hearts. Voila! Merzbacher’s was born.

With a new bakery, Pete is finally able to introduce a bread shop that offers fresh bread and a starter kit for aspiring home bakers. He’s also experimenting with door-to-door delivery service via an old-school bread truck.

The most important things, of course, remained intact during the change: our deep love for bread and the communities that this craft connects us with. The local ingredients, thoughtful formulas, and artisan processes remain the same. We’ll continue to pride ourselves on re-imagining classics into delicious breads that strike a balance between inventive and approachable.

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