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Portch Tea is a small family farm fermentory in the village of Vera Cruz, Pennsylvania. We grow tea, yerba maté, herbs, fruit, and flowers. Our kombucha is the best expression we can offer of the reason why we have chosen this life. When my folks built their dream house on the twenty acres that they had named Pheasant Hill Farm, an early architect’s sketch offered this misspelling of what has proven to be the key feature of the home around which the family farm has grown. The screened porch, which the old man, in one of those classic dad behaviors, has always referred to as the p-o-r-T-c-h, is the calm center of the whirlwind of activity in the greenhouses and fields. With the ceiling fan running and the shade of the Virginia Creeper on the southern exposure, this space invites a moment’s rest, affords a moment’s reflection, and delivers a sense of deserving.

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