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Welcome to Queen of Hearts Honey. My name is Chris Eckert, I am a local beekeeper from Elverson, PA. My bee journey started in college at Penn State when I took the elective, Honeybees and Humans. I learned how important bees are in our environment. Without them, many of the foods we love such as; coffee, apples, almonds, strawberries, and grapes (just to name a few) would not exist. I decided that I could help out by having a hive (or two). Flash forward a few years later, Honeybees have become my main hobby; when I am not working my day job, I’m checking bees, mentoring honeybee friends, and bottling honey. I am currently managing about 40 colonies of honeybees around Northern Chester County and it seems that I keep growing! Since my operation keeps growing and I get more honey each harvest, I decided to turn my hobby into a small business. In 2019, I founded Queen of Hearts Honey LLC . Beekeeping has not only given me a great hobby, but I have made a lot of beekeeper friends along the way. Come check us out at various community events around the year. Your support directly helps my business protect these endangered species. I am an active member of both Chester County and Montgomery County Beekeepers Associations.

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