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Soom Foods is a sister-owned purveyor of globally inspired pantry staples for celebrated chefs & home cooks.

We joke that Shelby had a business degree, Jackie married a tahini expert, and I needed a job upon graduation.

And it’s basically true.

When Shelby met Jackie’s boyfriend (now husband) Omri, and tried the tahini (a paste made from roasted and pressed sesame seeds) he sold around Israel, she became obsessed with the creamy, nutty and delicious product that could be used to make hummus AND carrot cake.

She couldn’t believe this was the “same” product as the bitter, grainy, and unappetizing tahini found in the Ethnic aisle in American grocery stores.

This discovery sparked all sorts of questions:

“Why is this tahini so much better?”
“Why isn’t tahini used more in America?”
“What other brands exist?”
When we realized that no brand spoke to the inspiring versatility of such a nutritious and delicious product, we asked ourselves, “Why don’t we bring good tahini to the United States?”

So we did! Together we combined our skills and passions and created a business founded on a love for food, family, and community. In 2013, Soom Foods, a certified women-owned, Philadelphia-based company, was born, and we have been dedicated to introducing globally inspired pantry staples to the American market ever since.

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