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One of the things my parents always taught me and that I hold close to me is that people shouldn't be denied food. When I see people begging for money on the streets, I'd normally stop and ask why what they needed the money for. In my time living in Philadelphia I've gotten some honest answers. Some people have said they needed the money to buy drugs, but some others are just hungry or cold and want something to eat or even just coffee.

I wish I could feed every single hungry person in the city.

I've gone out of my way to buy people a meal, I've taken people into Wawa and let them get whatever they needed or wanted at the moment. I have given my actual dinner before to people who've told me they're hungry. There was this guy once asking for money under the train near Kensington and Allegheny a few summers back, I was on my way to school and driving with my windows down and all he said was "Man, I just want some money for something to eat, I'm hungry". I hadn't eaten that day because it was a busy day. I had just gotten a cheesesteak from a bodega a few minutes before and I was planning on eating it before going into class. I said "You're hungry? Here you go" and just gave him my food. The look on his face was priceless.

This brings me joy. Being able to feed others.

When I told my wife I wanted us to run our own business, we didn't know what we wanted to do, but we knew at its core it would always be about helping others. We thought long and hard about a company where we could accomplish this monumental task and have fun doing something we loved. We realized I was pretty good at making hot sauces as I had been making them for a while for friends and family, and then it hit me...

A hot sauce company that could also donate a portion of the process to local food banks and charities and one where, at the company core is all about fun and volunteering.

THIS is why the Faiya Company exists and we hope you will join us on our quest by giving our sauces a try.


Radhi Fernandez

Founder and President

The Faiya Company

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