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We didn’t mean to start an oatmeal company. We didn’t mean to start a family business.

Flashback to Spring 2022. I was working in a typical office job sitting around in excel spreadsheets and answering emails. And I started thinking “Is this it? Is this what the next 40 years of my career are going to be like?” It just couldn’t be.

So I started hatching an escape plan...

I spent countless nights thinking up ways to escape my 9-5 and while still being able to pay rent. Then one day at breakfast it hit me.

That is when it clicked “I should start an oatmeal company!”

So, I designed some packaging, rented a commercial kitchen, did a mountain of paperwork, launched Yalla Oats, and most importantly quit my job.

I spent the next month handing out samples to every business in Philadelphia that was willing to take them. By the end of the month, we had pre-sold our entire first production run!

I was excited and a little freaked out… How was I going to make hundreds of oatmeal cups this week?

That is when I did what every good son with a retired mother does. I called mom.

She came to the rescue and helped me prepare oatmeal in the basement of our local hoagie shop until 12AM that week.

It was amazing seeing all the orders we had prepared, but it was even more amazing because it gave us a chance to reconnect. We spent the whole night catching up while packing the oats!

So, when the orders came pouring in the next week, I texted my mom. What started as an emergency bail-out became a weekly hang-out for us. We even started grabbing dinners beforehand!

Fast forward a few months and our little mother-and-son duo grew to supply over 20 locations in Philadelphia with oatmeal.

Andrew Abraham, Founder
Yalla Oats, Yalla Goods LLC

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