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Pennsylvania’s best cheese makers!

Cheese lovers rejoice! Pennsylvania is home to some incredible cheese makers, each with their unique flavors, textures, and styles. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at three great Pennsylvania cheese makers: Birchrun Hills, Valley Milkhouse, and Amazing Acres. We’ll also provide some tips on how to select great cheeses, so you can enjoy these delectable treats to the fullest.

Birchrun Hills FarmBirchrun Hills Farm is a family-owned dairy located in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. They produce a variety of cheeses, including Birchrun Blue, a creamy, tangy blue cheese; Red Cat, a smooth and buttery washed-rind cheese; and Fat Cat, a nutty and earthy cheese. Birchrun Hills Farm prides itself on using sustainable farming practices and producing cheese that reflects the natural flavors of the milk.

Valley MilkhouseValley Milkhouse is a small-scale creamery located in Oley, Pennsylvania. They specialize in producing soft, fresh cheeses, including feta, chevre, and fromage blanc. Their cheeses are made with locally sourced, organic milk and reflect the terroir of the Oley Valley region.

Amazing AcresAmazing Acres is a family-owned and operated goat farm and creamery located in Elverson, Pennsylvania. They produce a variety of goat cheeses, including fresh chevre, bloomy rind, and aged hard cheeses. Their cheeses are made with fresh, high-quality goat milk and reflect the flavors of the surrounding landscape.

Tips for Selecting Great Cheeses Now that we’ve introduced you to some great Pennsylvania cheese makers, let’s talk about how to select great cheeses. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Look for cheeses that are made with high-quality, locally sourced milk. This will ensure that the cheese has a fresh and natural flavor.
  2. Consider the type of cheese you’re looking for. Soft cheeses like brie and chevre will have a creamy, spreadable texture, while hard cheeses like cheddar and gouda will be firmer and sliceable.
  3. Try a variety of cheeses to find your favorites. Cheeses can vary widely in flavor, texture, and aroma, so it’s important to taste different types to find the ones you love.
  4. Consider the occasion when selecting cheeses. If you’re planning a cheese plate for a party, it’s a good idea to offer a variety of cheeses with different textures and flavors.

Pennsylvania is home to some incredible cheese makers, each with their unique flavors and styles. Whether you prefer soft, fresh cheeses or aged, hard cheeses, there is sure to be a cheese maker in Pennsylvania that has what you’re looking for. By following these tips for selecting great cheeses, you’ll be able to enjoy these delectable treats to the fullest.


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