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Pennsylvania’s Best Spirits For the Holidays made from Local Ingredients

Whether you giving a gift or bringing something special for the party, lift spirits this holiday season with spirits Made in PA. Pennsylvania has a rich heritage of spirits producers and there are many distillers to choose from. More importantly, these distillers are using Pennsylvania’s rich bounty by partnering with local farms, apiaries, and more to source local ingredients.

If you’re in Philadelphia, head to Rowhouse Spirits. For something unique, check out their Akvavit. Traditionally made in Scandinavia, aquavit is a unique and great substitute for gin or start Christmas right with Akvavit Bloody Mary’s. Rowhouse does a wonderful job with their spices and herbs, which they source from locally run Greensgrow Farms. We recommend a bottle of Bear Trap for something less alcoholic!

Out in Lancaster county lies Thistle Finch Distillery Located in a former Tobacco Warehouse the distillery is a historic artifact. Give a gift of a tour or pick up a bottle. Try their Rye whiskies which are made with Lancaster and Lebanon County grains! Grab a bottle of the Black Coffee Rye to party all night on New Year’s Eve.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, check out to Manatawny Still Works. With multiple locations in Philadelphia and Pottstown you can easily find a place to meet friends for a drink and pick up a bottle. Manatawny’s Swarmbustin’ Honey Whiskey pairs Manatawny’s four grain whiskies with honey from Chester County Apiaries. They also partnered with Philadelphia’s famous Hungry Pigeon restaurant to launch a custom gin- Hungry PiGin.

Support local businesses and Pennsylvania’s rich food culture this season. Find MUCHOMAS!


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