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Support local craft food makers . . .

Chefs are makers. House made burrata. Specialty blends of seasonings and spices. Salami and sausages cured in house. Pickled vegetables. Freshly baked breads.

The best chefs realize that buying from specialists frees their time to focus on new recipes, experiment with new ingredients and collaborate with specialists.

Chefs are always searching for new suppliers, farmers, ingredients. Chefs find out what’s in their food. Chefs ask the makers where they source their ingredients, where they make the food, what’s in it. It’s as important to them as it is to you. Whether for diet reasons or values.

What is in our food? Additives, preservatives, pesticides, and anti-biotics.  Who makes your food? Who farmed the harvested the ingredients? Who brought them to market? Fresh ingredients are just the start. Did the farmer us pesticides? Were the seeds genetically modified? Has the produce been treated with preservatives?

Small batch artisanal craft food makers can answer your questions. Discuss your concerns. Tell you the story of your food. There’s mucho mas you should know.

Be a chef. Curate your own experiences.Connect directly with the makers.

Find out what’s not on their website, what didn’t make it to the farmers markets.

Support the sustainability and the local food community.


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