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The Process of Discovery

Ready for a MUCHOMAS adventure? Head to your local farmers market for more than fresh fare. Who better to share recipes than the farmers themselves? Alongside farmers are craft and artisanal small batch food producers. Inspire yourself with their creations and take home more than food, take home an experience that you can feast on again and again.

Tasting new foods is a process. The process of discovery. You can discover more than just new tastes. Try new recipes, enjoy new experiences, and meet new members of the community who value good food.

Taking stock.

Look before you leap! If you’re new to this particular farmers market, stroll around and get a great survey of what’s there and where people are stopping. There’s no rush and nothing is worse than buying some goods and having to pass on a new discovery.

He who hesitates is lost! Don’t forget that local produce and small-batch have something in common. They are limited supplies! If you see something new and exciting, don’t wait. Often times goods sell out quickly and if you arrive too late, everything is picked over and sold out!

Pro-tip: Check the MUCHOMAS Site to find links to farmers markets so you can see which producers and makers will be there.


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