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Three CSA’s in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

As the demand for locally grown, organic produce continues to rise, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are becoming increasingly popular. These programs provide consumers with a direct connection to local farmers, allowing them to receive fresh, seasonal produce throughout the growing season.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey are home to several notable CSA programs, including Dvorganics, Stoney Lane Organic Farm, and C.R.O.P.S. Markets. These programs are making it easier than ever for consumers to access healthy, sustainable food while supporting local farmers.

D&V Organics, based in New Jersey, offers a CSA program that provides members with a weekly box of organic produce. Their farm grows 100% of the produce that’s provided in the CSA shares. For 29 consecutive weeks from May to November, you can enjoy local, fresh, seasonal, produce.

Stoney Lane Organic Farm, also located in Pennsylvania, is a family-owned farm that offers a CSA program featuring a wide range of organic produce. Their program runs for 24 weeks, from June through November, and includes items such as tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and more. The farm also offers a pick-your-own option for certain crops.

C.R.O.P.S. Markets, based in New Jersey, offers a unique CSA program that partners with multiple local farms to provide a diverse selection of produce to members. The program runs for 20 weeks, from June through October, and offers a variety of add-ons such as eggs, meat, and bread. In addition to their CSA program, C.R.O.P.S. Markets also operates several farmers markets throughout the region.

These CSA programs are just a few examples of the many options available to consumers looking to support local farmers and eat healthy, sustainable food. By joining a CSA program, consumers can enjoy the benefits of fresh, seasonal produce while also supporting their local community.


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